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The heat shield is off, and the supersonic parachute is deployed - this episode of the CultCast is ready for touchdown!

On this new ep., we ponder the Mars Curiosity Rover, and how a team full of Mac users landed it safely on another world.

Then, let us regale you with the tale of how one very well-known tech writer got all his devices erased when hackers stole his Apple ID.  We'll tell you how you can prevent your datas from getting thieved and which backup strategies we use to keep ours safe.

And finally, Facebook questions!  You told us what you wanted us to cover on our new Facebook page, we're ready to work!


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Hard to believe we're already at episode 25!  And what an episode this will be, friends.

Find out all we know about Apple's mystery September 12th event, and what new goodies they will be revealing unto us  that fine day.

Then, is the iPhone getting boring?  Will the iPhone 5 just be playing catchup to a world of more-advanced Android products?  Some tech-stars think so, but we've got some other ideas on the matter.

And, back by popular demand, don't miss Faves N Raves!  The segment where we pitch our favorite new tech and apps then vote on which reigns supreme!

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Our Mountain Lion Megasode is here!  

We'll tell you what we like, what we love, which hidden features we've discovered, and whether you should upgrade or do a clean install.

Then, whose got better taste, Microsoft or Apple?  We think the answer is obvious, but  Apple's skeuomorphic design choices have some wondering if they're headed in the wrong direction.

And finally, SPOILER ALERT!  We have an impromptu dicussion on The Dark Rises, the new Batman movie that we're not quite sure we love — it's complicated.

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Batman tries to destroy the CultCast; how too much time and money transformed Woz in the king of all geeks; telecoms at it again, want to charge you for FaceTime over 3G; Macbook Air Vs. Pro, which is right for you?

Then, Faves and Raves, the game where we pitch our favorite apps then vote on which is best!

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An SSD upgrade transforms Erfon's Macbook Pro into a new machine; our favorite Twitter apps; Rumor Control: will we finally see an updated iPod come fall?

And finally, is Steve Ballmer too uncool to run Microsoft?  We'll tell you what we think.

We join forces once again with Chris Foremans from Ars Technica to bring you the best Apple discussion in the land!

Thanks to DigiDNA for sponsoring the show.  Check out DiskAid 5, the handy iPhone, iPad & iPod Transfer Tool for PC & Mac.  And save 30% on a license with code CULTCAST at checkout!

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Rumor review: are iPad Minis and Retina iMacs right around the corner?  Then, Buster describes what it's like switching to Android.  And don't leave that one-star App review just yet, your crashing apps are probably Apple's fault.  Plus, don't miss our favorite new apps and gear on our Faves 'N Raves segment.

All that and a *very* special guest introduction on this tasty new ep. of The CultCast NOM NOM. 

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Buster takes a trip to Steve Job's house; our hands-on review of Apple's amazing new podcast app; and the Google Chrome browser comes to iOS — but is it better than Safari?

And then we answer your twitter questions! All that and more on this week's CultCast.

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Join us and special guest, Gizmodo Editor-in-Chief Joe EFFN Brown, as we discuss why Spotify is better than Rdio; the big deal about Microsoft's new Surface tablet; and, are you a sad victim of Nip Burn?  We've got your solution!  All that and a whole lot more on this ep. of The CultCast.

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New Macs; Mountain Lion; iOS6; we cover literally everything Apple announced at this week's WWDC, and tell you what's cool, what's not, and why 2012 is going to be a great year to be an Apple fan!

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In this short, special edition episode, Erfon Elijah and Chris Foresman (of Ars Techinica) discuss the new Macbook Pro Retina model, the updates to the other Macbook Pro models, and updates to the Mac Pro tower 'o power.

We'll be back with another new episode on Thursday night with part 2 of our WWDC coverage.  No stone will be left unturned!  

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