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This week: new iPhone rumors point to some BIG changes… Plus: Leander gives his take on the new betas; two long-awaited features are finally coming to tvOS; and scientists say iPhone is making teenagers too... horny

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This week's stories

2020 iPhone XS Max will get bigger display

  • Ming Chi-Kuo sent a note to investors claiming Apple will put out three different iPhone models in 2020. The 2020 iPhone XR equivalent will be upgraded to a 6.1-inch OLED display but it won’t get 5G. The 2020 iPhone XS Max successor will be upgraded from a 6.5-inch display to a slightly larger 6.7-inch screen.
  • The 2020 iPhone XS successor will have a 5.45-inch screen, a slight downgrade from the current 5.8-inch display currently in use. Like the larger model, it will also have 5G.

iOS 13 uses iPhone to perfectly sync wireless audio on Apple TV

  • Nothing ruins a good movie like sound that’s completely out of sync. But thanks to iOS 13 and tvOS 13, you will no longer have to suffer that when watching video on your Apple TV.
  • When iOS 13 and tvOS 13 roll out to everyone this fall, you’ll be able to use your iPhone or iPad to fix unsynchronized audio on Apple TV.
  • It works by using your iOS device to listen to tones played through your speakers. The feature calculates the time it takes for the audio to be heard after your Apple TV plays it, then adjusts your settings accordingly.

Apple TV finally gains picture-in-picture support

  • One of the best media features for iPad is finally coming to Apple TV.
  • With the new tvOS 13 beta released this morning, Apple added picture-in-picture support to Apple TV, allowing users to watch a show while searching for the next thing to watch.
  • Apple never mentioned the new picture-in-picture feature during the Apple TV segment of the WWDC 2019 keynote.
  • Works just like it does on the iPad. You can minimize the picture to a corner of the screen then keep browsing content while it plays.

Phone overuse makes millennials grow spikes on their skulls

  • Doctors have noted a change in the shape of many millennials’ skulls: spikes are growing just above the neck, and researchers into the phenomenon blame it on too much cell phone use.
  • However, this apparently isn’t some bizarre radiation-induced mutation, but is instead the skeleton adapting to the bent-over posture phone users typically adopt.
  • The scientists were examining the growing prevalence on young adults skulls of enthesophytes — growths where tendons or ligaments attach. These typically become more common with age, but not a specific example at the base of the skull, a condition they call enlarged external occipital protuberance (EEOP). These are more likely to show up in 18- to 30-year-olds than in people decades older. By examining X-rays, the pair found 41 percent of patients aged 18 to 30 had these skull horns.


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