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This week: Apple enters the ASMR business! Plus: first impressions of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10, and the features iPhone should steal; how to mute and decline calls on your iPhone; and finally, when the internet is following you… strange stories of your digital life showing up in your real life.

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This week's stories

Apple’s soothing ASMR iPhone videos will put you to sleep

  • Apple is jumping on the ASMR trend for its latest series of shot on iPhone ads that were created to help you relax no matter where you are.
  • ASMR — short for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” — it's a psycho-physiological response to quiet sounds, and it spawned a popular community on YouTube that makes videos designed to make the back of your neck tingle. In its first ASMR effort, Apple has unleashed 30 minutes worth of soothing sounds accompanied by gorgeous videos all recorded on the iPhone. The four videos take you threw hiking trails, a woodshop, ghost forest and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Impressions: A Great Duo!

  • Note 10 = $949
  • Note 10 Plus $1099
  • Both come with a base of 256GB RAM
  • Edge to edge OLED screens with virtually zero bezel
  • No notch, just a tiny camera hole
  • Interesting iridescent rainbow color
  • They REMOVED the headphone jack...

Apple is shipping $1000 phones with 64gb base storage while Samsung base storage starts at 256GB

  • So I decided to tune in on Samsungs new Note 10 launch. I won't lie I was super salty when I saw Samsung base storage is 256GB with the note 10 at $950. Kinda feels bad considering I paid $999 for my XS with 64GB. I am hoping Apple bumps their base storages across all their products.
  • Edit: Idid not expect this to make it to the front page. But I'm glad the general consensus is 64GB on a $1000 phone and 128GB (non-upgradable) on a $1200 laptop is not enough. Overtime everything is starting to take more storage so it'd be nice for Apple to step it up and give us a little more for our money.

How to decline and mute calls with iPhone

  • Muting a call is easy, just click the sleep/wake button once, or depending on the iPhone you have, you can probably just hit the volume button once too. Muting a call silences the ringer or vibration, but lets the caller hear 4 rings before sending them to voicemail.


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