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This week on The CultCast: everything you need to know about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro!  Plus our first impressions of this hot new machine...

And we discuss Disney+, and why it may beat Netflix and Amazon as the best streaming service available.

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This week's stories

16-inch MacBook Pro: MacBook is finally PRO again!

16-inch MacBook Pro wows writers in first hands-on reviews

  • Apple finally unleashed its long-rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro on the world this morning, and according to some lucky people who got to play with it early, it was well worth the wait.

16-inch MacBook Pro surprises: No Wi-Fi 6, 720p webcam, 96W charger

  • There are some interesting surprises with the 16-inch MacBook Pro that you won’t find in Apple’s press release. So we’ve rounded up the big ones here so you don’t miss anything before buying.

Top 40 tips that make you love the Touch Bar

  • Once you get in touch with your Touch Bar, it turns out to have some genuinely useful time-saving features. Especially if you use apps that support it, like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. Here are 40 top Touch Bar tips.

Disney+ races past 10 million sign-ups in first day

  • After launching on November 12, the Mickey Mouse company revealed this morning that it has already surpassed 10 million sign-ups, making the “millions” Apple TV+ pulled in during its first week look pretty weak.
  • Demand for Disney+ exceeded even Disney’s highest expectations. Technical problems plagued the service on launch day as customers flooded servers to watch new shows like The Mandolorian, or old classics from Disney’s huge vault of content. Disney shares are up more than 3% on the news.
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