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This week: According to a new report, Apple is prepping a new super-charged GAMING Mac for WWDC! We discuss... Plus: full-screen TouchID will be replacing FaceID in a notch-less 2020 iPhone, at least according to a new rumor. And stick around for the second half where we reveal all our favorite apps of 2019!


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This week's stories

Apple could eliminate iPhone’s notch and Face ID for 2020 flagship

  • Apple could deliver a flagship iPhone without a notch in 2020, according to a new report.
  • The device is expected to feature a new Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated into its display — rather than Face ID. Its front-facing camera will also be hidden away behind its screen.
  • Analysts at Credit Swiss believe Apple will release a high-end iPhone with Touch ID embedded within its screen in 2020. The technology will replace Face ID, allowing Apple to do away with the handset’s notch.

Why I’m not holding my breath for Apple’s rumored gaming Mac [Opinion]

  • Apple is reportedly working on a new “gaming-focused” Mac that it will unveil at WWDC, a sketchy new rumor claims.
  • This machine would cost up to $5,000 and be a Mac rival to gaming PCs. It would take aim at the fast growing “e-sports” market, which Apple has not previously catered to. Could such a machine turn Apple into a gaming powerhouse?

My 5 most-used apps this year

  • For my job at Cult of Mac, I test a lot of apps. But of course, I also use a lot of apps, for work, for recreation, and for making music. I thought I’d make a short list of my most-used apps this year.

Our favorite apps of 2019!

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