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This week: it’s not your imagination, Apple changed AirPods Pro and it made them worse—we’ll tell you what’s going on… Plus: a new report says Apple caved to FBI pressure to keep your iCloud backups less safe. And stay tuned to hear about about Tim Cook’s favorite new… shower tech? Rub a dub dub yaaaaaaaall!

And stick around for our favorite new Netflix shows and crack pipes in an all-new What We're Into.

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This week's stories

Apple reportedly dropped iCloud encryption plans amid FBI pressure

  • Apple ditched plans to let users fully encrypt backups of their devices using iCloud, a new report by Reuters claims. Apple reportedly made the decision after the FBI complained that this would make it harder to carry out future investigations.

AirPods Pro noise cancellation spoiled by firmware updates, users say

  • A growing number of users say their buds aren’t blocking out background noise as effectively as they once did. And testing confirms that to be the case.

Now you can shower like Tim Cook without getting soaked

  • Nebia, the eco-friendly shower head company adored by Tim Cook, unveiled a new version of its shower system today. Unlike the previous two-generations, this one is priced to sell.

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