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This week: the new iOS 13.4 beta just leaked new hardware, new iPhone features, and MORE. We’ll share aaaaall the juicy details. Plus: how your iPhone might soon replace your car keys; Apple Maps just got a massive update; and Microsoft quietly stole Apple’s secret recipe…

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This week's stories

iOS 13.4 beta code hints at new Apple TV device

  • An updated Apple TV 4K could soon roll out of Apple’s product pipeline, based on references to an unreleased product discovered in the latest iOS beta.

Apple’s universal purchases will change how you buy and use apps

  • Apple is laying the groundwork to make it easier for developers to distribute their apps across all of Apple’s platforms.

CarKey feature buried in iOS beta might let iPhones replace car keys

  • Apple reportedly added code to iPhone and Apple Watch to let these devices function as car keys, giving users one less thing to constantly carry around.

Apple debuts redesigned Maps with major U.S. improvements

  • Apple today made its major Maps redesign with big improvements available to all users in the United States.

Microsoft is merging its Windows and hardware teams

  • Panos Panay, Microsoft's hardware head honcho and the creator of Surface, is set to oversee the Windows team too. The company will reportedly roll the product and Windows groups into a single unit called Windows + Devices later this month with Panay at the helm. The move, which is part of a broader reorganization, is a strong indicator that Microsoft is eager to tie Windows and hardware more closely together.
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