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This week: iOS 14 leaks! We’ll run through the best new features. Plus: Corona has hit Apple hard, and will mean delays for some of your most anticipated tech. Is Apple’s March event going to be canceled too? We’ll tell you what we know.

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This week's stories

Game over for E3 2020: COVID-19 takes out gaming’s biggest event

  • E3 2020 is the latest major event to be scrapped amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. The game industry’s biggest trade show was scheduled to kick off in Los Angeles on June 9. It will no longer go ahead this year.

With iPhone SE 2 delayed indefinitely, source confirms Apple nixes rumored March event

  • Apple decided to postpone a March product launch event after continuing delays in the production of an expected successor to the iPhone SE, a source at Apple confirmed to Cult of Mac.

iOS 14 could bring brand-new Home screen layout with list view

  • iOS 14 will ship with a brand-new Home screen layout that allows users to arrange icons in a list, according to a new report. The view is expected to be customizable and will incorporate Siri Suggestions for making your most frequently used apps easier to access.

Apple tests iMessage mentions, retractions and more for iOS 14

  • Apple is reportedly testing a number of new iMessage features that could debut with iOS 14 later this year. They include the ability to retract messages after they’re sent, and to tag other people in group chats. We could also get the option to mark messages as unread.

Apple’s HomeKit may add Night Shift to smart lights

  • Apple’s HomeKit home-automation system will reportedly get a version of Night Shift to reduce the amount of blue in smart light bulbs as each day nears its end. This feature, allegedly coming with iOS 14 in the fall, is supposed to help people sleep better.
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