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This week: iPhone SE.... 2! Let's talk about it... Plus: Apple is “scrambling” to prevent iPhone 12 delays; and we wrap up with an all new What We’re Into, Quarantine Edition! We’ll tell you about the shows, game videos, and stuff we’re doing with our extra "free" time.

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On the show this week

@erfon / @lkahney / @lewiswallace

This week's stories

WSJ: Apple ‘scrambling’ to prevent iPhone delays amid COVID-19 pandemic

  • Over the last several weeks, various reports have detailed how Apple is adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the supply chain and product development. Now, a report from The Wall Street Journal adds more detail to the ongoing situation.

Foxconn confident it can deliver iPhone 12 this fall

  • Foxconn’s previous guidance suggested that it would be back up and running at its normal levels by late March. Last week, the manufacturer said that it had hired enough workers at its major Chinese plants to meet seasonal demand for iPhone manufacturing.

Apple supposedly pencils in April 15 launch for iPhone 9

  • Apple has supposedly penciled in an April 15 launch date for its low-cost iPhone 9.

What we're Into (quarantine edition!)

Webcam darts


Animal crossing: New Horizons

Tiger King

Westworld, season 3

The Wire


Relic radio vintage radio podcasts

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