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This week: we discuss the strange controversy around our episode with Jon Prosser, and the surprising depth of Prosser’s Apple sources. Plus: Apple is prepping big changes to Messages for Mac; Future AirPods could count steps, track heart rate and monitor health conditions; and we discuss AppleTV+’s best new shows!

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This week's stories

Mark Gurman calls Prosser’s iGlass report “Complete Fiction"

Apple could save Messages on Mac with new iPad app port

  • Apple looks to be gearing up to port iPad’s built-in Messages app over to Mac. The move could immediately fix Messages’ biggest problems on Mac, including its glaring lack of features.

Future AirPods could count steps, track heart rate and monitor health conditions

  • Future AirPods could boast ambient light sensors that track users’ heart rate, head movements and steps taken, Digitimes claimed Monday.

Bob’s Burgers creator can’t make lightning strike twice in Central Park [Apple TV+ review]

  • Despite an impressive pedigree and a marketable cast, new Apple TV+ show Central Park seems primed to annoy as many people as it will please.

Defending Jacob finally justifies the existence of Apple TV+ [Review]

  • With a hot cast and a true-crime sheen, Defending Jacob is one of the most highly anticipated Apple TV+ series so far. It’s based on a best-selling novel. It’s helmed by an Oscar-nominated director. And the first three episodes arrived Friday, primed for a literally captive audience seeking its latest obsession.
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