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This week: next-gen's AirPods are getting massive changes, we’ll tell you what we know! Plus: the original HomePod remains absolutely OUTSTANDING, but the Intercom feature needs work; and we’ve got another update on Erfon’s $100,000 APPL stock investment!

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This week's stories

Apple Plans Smaller AirPods Pro, Revamped Entry-Level Model

  • Apple is currently working on updates for its entry-level AirPods and AirPods Pro, which could debut in 2021, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Original Home REMAINS outstanding, now getting even better

  • I’ve broken apart my stereo pair so one is now in my living room. Breaking apart stereo pair was not a simple process. HomePod blows away Echo in my living room. Just one fills the room beautifully.

Apple may have underestimated the popularity of iPhone 12 Pro

  • Apple was seemingly banking on the iPhone 12 being its most popular new handset this year. But it appears the company may have underestimated just how popular the new iPhone 12 Pro is with users.

Apple earnings: Can iPad and Mac pick up the iPhone slack again?

  • Weak iPhone sales likely pulled down Apple earnings in its last financial quarter. But the pandemic almost certainly pushed up demand for iPad and Mac. Still, total revenue is expected to be down slightly.
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