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This week: imagine a car that can drive you around like a taxi, and come pick you up from wherever you are… that’s Apple Car, and it’s coming sooner than you think.

Plus: Apple’s VR headset will be a MONSTER. Could boast 8K display, advanced hand-eye-tracking, and a ridiculous $3,000 price tag.

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Apple gears up to sign $3.6 billion deal with Kia to build Apple Car

  • In early January, Hyundai said it engaged in conversations with Apple about a potential partnership to manufacture cars for Cupertino. However, the South Korean company later pulled back on these reports and removed Apple’s name from some of its public statements.

Apple Car might never need a driver

  • No one will ever drive an Apple Car, according to leaked information. Apple is reportedly planning a vehicle that’s completely autonomous. It’ll be programmed, not driven.

Apple Car could finally hit the road in 2025, but it won’t be cheap

  • Apple Car could ship in 2025, and will be “positioned as a very high-end” model in terms of pricing, claims TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple’s $3,000 VR headset could boast 8K display, advanced hand- and eye-tracking

  • Apple’s mixed-reality headset could cost around $3,000, solidifying its status as a niche luxury item, The Information claims in a new report.

How to use iCloud Passwords inside Google Chrome on Windows

  • Apple has rolled out a somewhat surprising Google Chrome extension that allows users to access iCloud Passwords on Windows machines.

Apple Pulls Version 12 of iCloud for Windows That Supported iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension [Update: It's Back]

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