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This week: get your wallets ready, Apple has a mysterious hardware release planned for December 8! Plus: the M1 Mac mini is an unstoppable monster, we’ve got more insane benchmarks to share. Seriously, do not waste your money on anything but an M1 Mac.

And Apple’s quietly bringing a much-welcomed feature to most older iPhones! You’re gonna like what you see, we guarantee it...

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This week's stories

Apple plans mysterious hardware release on December 8

  • Apple could have a Christmas surprise up its sleeve.

M1 Mac mini runs Windows 10 far faster than Microsoft Surface Pro X

  • New tests show relatively speedy performance for a Mac mini with an ARM-based Apple M1 processor running the ARM version of Windows 10. Even though the OS is running as a virtual machine, benchmarks show the device can handle X86 applications far faster than the Microsoft Surface Pro X, which also uses an ARM chip.

Don’t waste your money on anything but an M1 Mac

M1 13" MacBook Pro vs 16" MacBook Pro: I'm dumbfounded..

M1 Mac Mini vs Intel i7 Mac Mini + eGPU for Pro Apps!

iOS 14.2 Quietly Added FaceTime 1080p Support to iPhone 8 and Later Models

  • Back in early November, Apple released iOS 14.2 and announced with it a slew of new features for iPhones, but one thing it didn't mention was the apparent addition of support for 1080p FaceTime calls on iPhone 8 and later devices.

iPhone 12 is Apple’s best-selling handset in years

  • In the first weeks they were available, each of the iPhone 12 models sold far better than any of their predecessors released in the past three years, according to a research firm.
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