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This week, details on WEIRD new features in iOS 18, exciting news for the iPad mini, a peek at Apple’s secret iPhone testing lab, and an all-new What We’re Into!

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This week’s stories:

iOS 18 could bring new Home Screen personalization options

  • iOS 18 reportedly will let iPhone users change app icon colors on the Home Screen. Plus, they would be able to put the icons anywhere they want.

iOS 18 could feature generative AI-powered custom emoji tool

  • Apple might use generative AI in iOS 18 to allow iPhone users to create custom emojis, letting them express themselves just the way they want.

Slim new Find My tracking card recharges via MagSafe

  • The slim new Nomad Tracking Card works with Apple’s Find My app on your devices and recharges via MagSafe to help you keep tabs on your wallet, purse or other valuables, Nomad said Tuesday.

Give your Mac a makeover with custom icons

  • A great way to personalize your Mac is with custom Mac folder icons. In fact, you can change any icon on your Mac to customize it to your taste.

Soaked! Take a peek at how Apple tests iPhone water resistance.

  • Marques Brownlee recently visited Apple product durability testing labs that try to make sure products like iPhone can resist water ingress and take a few bumps and shakes, among other mild tortures.

What We’re Into

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