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We just got our biggest leaks yet of Apple's Mixed Reality headset! Plus: there will soon be some serious competition for Apple's Studio Display, and we add MORE picks to our best of 2022, part 3!

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This week's stories

Apple headset uses waist-mounted battery pack — new details emerge

  • After testing a version of Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset with an internal battery, the company’s engineers have resorted to using a separate battery pack connected by a wire, according to a new report about the secret project.

Mac Pro and M2 Mac mini pegged for launch at huge Apple event in March

  • The long-awaited Mac Pro desktop will finally debut at a big March event, according to a new rumor.

Dell’s new 32-inch 6K monitor gives Apple’s ProDisplay XDR some competition

  • With Dell’s new 32-inch 6K UltraSharp monitor, the Apple Pro Display XDR is no longer in a category of its own. Dell’s new monitor does things a little differently, though, blending elements from Apple’s $4,999 monitor and the $1,599 Studio Display, providing a possible best of both worlds when it comes to productivity and performance.

Samsung ViewFinity S9 first look: a sleek alternative to Apple’s Studio Display

  • Samsung announced its ViewFinity S9 monitor earlier this week. With a 5K (5120 x 2880) resolution and stylish aluminum enclosure, it seems like Samsung is trying to square off with Apple’s Studio Display — likely for a lower price — and LG’s high-resolution monitors

Apple uses AI to voice its latest audiobook catalog

  • Apple’s latest catalog of books uses artificial intelligence as a narrator instead of a human voice. This is the first time the Cupertino giant has used AI for audiobook narration.
  • The move could have a wide-reaching effect in the audiobook space and mark the beginning of the end of human narrators.
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