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This week: we got more big iPhone 15 leaks, + Apple is considering big price hikes, + we argue over Spotify vs Apple Music... again!

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This week's stories


Apple reportedly considers hiking iPhone 15 Pro prices

  • Apple is mulling raising prices for the iPhone 15 Pro and its Pro Max sibling in the United States. The company has yet to make a final decision on the matter, though.


iPhone 15 Pro Max price might increase $200

  • The iPhone 15 Pro Max could go up by as much as $200, according to an industry analyst.


iPhone 15 Pro Action Button Options Potentially Revealed in iOS 17 Code: Flashlight, Shortcuts, Voice Memos, and More

  • Remember that bright-orange Action Button on Apple Watch Ultra? The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max might come with something similar.


Apple’s 48MP camera heads for more affordable iPhone 15 models

  • The 48 megapixel camera that debuted in the iPhone 14 Pro models is making its way to the “standard” iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, according to a trusted analyst.


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Apple lends Vision Pro AR headset to devs on a very short leash

  • A fortunate few will soon get their hands on the Apple Vision Pro. Developers can now apply to get a prerelease loaner unit with which to test the applications they’re creating for the upcoming AR headset.


Get the time without even looking at your Apple Watch

  • You can read the time without even looking at your Apple Watch using a little-known feature called Taptic Time. Hold two fingers on the screen and you’ll feel it tap the time out on your wrist.


8 reasons you should ditch Spotify for Apple Music

  • Apple Music is in a distant second place to Spotify in paying subscribers (except in the US!), but in my opinion, Apple Music is the better service. It has more advanced features like live lyrics, karaoke, lossless and spatial audio.


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