The CultCast

Team Cult is back from Vegas, baby!  Yes, we're still a little, um, foggy minded, but the show must go on!

On this episode, we introduce our brand new CultCall voicemail, a great way to send us your comments, questions, or CultCast intros.

Then, is Woz a spanish guy with a perm?  Cause that's what he looks like in the new jOBS movie that's about to be unleashed on the world. 

And don't worry, we've got a healthy dose of iPhone 5S rumors and address reports saying version 5 just ain't selling. 

All that and why Apple needs to release their TV asap to stay in the game on our all-new CultCast!

Thanks to DigiDNA, crafters of DiskAid 6, for making this episode possible.

DiskAid 6 is the best way to transfer videos, documents, and other information on and off your iDevices with ease.  Download your voicemails, call logs, photos, videos, or anything else right to your computer—all via WiFi, all without long iTunes syncing—with the new DiskAid 6.

Download it today and use its basic features for free at

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