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Back in September, popular Youtuber Lewis Hilsenteger released a hands-on video of what he believed to be the outer shell of the iPad 5.  The video exploded on the internet, and 6 weeks later when Apple announced the iPad Air, it confirmed his video preview was spot on.


So how does someone get their hands on the parts of one of Apple's most anticipated gadgets weeks before it’s announced?


Our guest this episode is Lewis Hilsentenger, and he’s going to tell us exactly how he did it.


Plus, sightings iPhone 6 parts are ramping up; iWatch might come in two sizes; the new Steve Jobs movie just hit a setback, but it's ok, because one of the best movies of all time is getting a sequel.


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Story links:


Leaked Image Appears To Show iPhone 6 Front Panel [Rumor]



   * A single image showing what appears to be a larger iPhone screen has shown up on Chinese microblogging website Weibo.

   * The photo — posted by user jiezhixc on Tuesday — depicts what looks like a current generation iPhone 5s being held up as comparison, showing how significantly larger the iPhone 6 could potentially be.


Leaked Assembly Line Photos Could Reveal Big Battery Life For iPhone 6 - John Brownlee



   * Hot on the heels of this morning’s leak of the alleged front panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, a new photo purportedly shows the battery of Apple’s next-gen smartphone.

   * Published by, the image shows a supposed iPhone 6 battery with its tell-tale metallic section (present on current iPhone batteries) in a different place


Leaked Foxconn Images Appear To Show iPhone 6 Chassis [Gallery]



   * New leaked images purportedly taken inside a Foxconn plant show the iPhone 6 chassis and a handful of manufacturing molds for Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

   * The photos, posted on Chinese microblogging website Weibo over the weekend, appear to confirm that Apple will increase the size of the iPhone.




LG To Be Sole Supplier Of Flexible Displays For iWatch [Rumor]



David Fincher Backs Out Of Directing Steve Jobs Movie For Sony



   * David Fincher, who was previously rumored to direct Sony’s movie about Steve Jobs, is now out of the picture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fincher and Sony have parted ways due to disagreements over “compensation and control.”


Google Glass Sells Out In First One Day Sale


   * On Tuesday, Google began selling Google Glass to residents of the United States for a 24-hour period.

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