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This time on The CultCast:  thirsty Germans drink the tears of Brazilian children!  Ohhh, sorry.  Too soon?  Also on the docket:  the secret Apple eBay store is back at it and selling iPhones at absurdly low prices; we pitch insanely great feature we hope Apple bakes in to Siri soon; a Youtuber gets his hands on the iPhone 6’s sapphire screen and its durability is hard to believe; and… GEEKN, the new segment where we divulge whatever gadget or activity we’re currently obsessing over.  Stay tuned till the end for that. 

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This week's stories:

Secret Apple factory outlet is the cheapest place to get an iPhone 5

How Siri’s ultimate killer feature could be remembering

Steve Jobs was right: Tablet sales set to topple the PC market

Total iBeacon shipments will blow past 60 million units by 2019

iPhone 6 Sapphire display emerges unscathed from brutal scratch test

Battery life will still suck on ultra-slim iPhone 6

Foxconn is ready to release an army of robots to build the iPhone 6

OS X Yosemite gets Dark Mode and other interface tweaks in third developer preview

All the tiny new tweaks added in iOS 8 beta 3 

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