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This week: William Shatner is the coolest grandpa ever; to take on Apple, Microsoft doubles down on design; Apple inches closer to a digital wallet; why the Apple on your iPhone 6 could glow; iBeacons are a marketer’s best friend; and then… if you could ride any animal into battle, what would it be?  We’ll answer that question and more on an all-new Get To Know Your Cultist. 

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And a big thanks to Kevin MacLeod for all the great music you hear on this week's episode.

Links to todays stories:

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William Shatner reviews Facebook apps… on his Tumblr

Microsoft makes design central to its future

Apple’s mobile payments solution could arrive in the iPhone 6 this fall

Apple orders insane number of new iPhones, but 5.5-inch model faces setbacks

Glowing Apple logo could serve up alerts on iPhone 6

All the little tweaks Apple added to iOS 8 beta 4

A look at the redesigned iTunes 12 in OS X Yosemite beta

Apple’s iBeacons are paying off for advertisers in a huge way

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