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This week: Mark your calendars for Sept. 9th, friends, cause iWatch is nigh!  Plus, an insanely accurate iPhone 6 leak hits Youtube; the apps we use to send our friends and family money; why everyone’s buzzing about Hyperlapse; rumors of a 12.9-inch iPad resurface; we discuss some listener feedback; and privileged apps that live in our menu bars.

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Link to this week's stories

iWatch will debut alongside iPhone 6 on September 9th

Juiciest iPhone 6 leak ever

Cash is but a text away with Square Cash 2.0

Speed is the only filter in Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app - buster/erfon

Apple’s supersized 12.9-inch iPad to land in early 2015

Tim Cook’s 3-year report card at Apple: B - leander Read more at

We read listener feedback (discussion)

Contribute yours at

Which apps live in your menu bars?  We'll tell you ours (discussion)

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