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Bendgate! Some say it’s Antennagate 2.0, but is there a legitimate issue happening here? We’ll tell you what we think about these “bent” iPhones… Then, we’ve used it for a whole week—catch our updated impressions of iPhone 6. Plus, why you should hold off on installing iOS 8.0.1, and what you can do if you already have. And finally, it’s not just the big screen, there might be another reason the iPhone 6 has been impossible to buy. We’ll tell you our stories from launch day…

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Get bent: The shocking history of bent smartphones


Insane stories of launch day

iPhone 6 in final approval stage ahead of China launch


iPhone 6s being sold for insane amounts of money in China

Casey Neistat’s NYC iPhone line video:

Leander’s review of the iPhone 6

Buster’s review of the iPhone 6+ (discussion)

iPhone 6 Plus has best LCD display you can hold in your palm - busterRead more at

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Applecare Plus, Squaretrade, or no insurance? (discussion)

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