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This week: the iPad Air 2 reviews are in, and not everyone’s in love; Cult of Mac spends a day with Apple Pay; Yosemite and iOS 8.1 Continuity blows. our. minds; a potential cure for the painful #6PlusPinch; some welcome changes rumored for Beats Music; and we wrap with our favorite movie trilogies of all time in an all-new Get To Know Your Cultist.

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Links to this week's stories

Early reviews of latest iPads praise new hardware, but wish for more 


  • Malt Wossberg "They are, in most respects, the best iPads ever made. But for average users, they represent only a modest evolutionary improvement over last year’s models, not the kind of big change that the first iPad Air or the Retina display iPad mini did last year.”
  • The Verge called the iPad Air 2 “a monumental achievement in the field of iterative improvement,” 

Cult of Mac’s day with Apple Pay

  • Leander will be shopping around San Francisco. Alex is testing Apple Pay in the backwoods of Kentucky. Buster sputterered around Phoenix in search of a burrito shop with Apple Pay

Everything you can buy with Apple Pay starting today - buster

Continuity features we love

  • Sms relay
  • Call relay
  • Hotspot
  • iCloud Photo Library

New iOS 8.1 features you need to know

This store will enlarge your pockets to fit your new iPhone 6

Apple and GT Advanced Technologies amicably part ways

  • GT Advanced Technologies and Apple have reached an agreement that will see the two companies amicably parting ways,
  • GTAT filed for bankruptcy and that it would work to preserve the sapphire plant in Arizona and the jobs it created, but lawyers for GTAT say the deal allows it to wind down operations at the plant and pay incentives to employees

Apple aiming for $5 Beats Music streaming subscriptions - luke

  • Having helped pioneer the concept of the $0.99 music track on iTunes, Apple is now trying to bring down the price of streaming music.
  • According to a new report published by Re/code, Apple is pushing music labels for extensive price cuts that would bring the cost of a Beats Music subscription from its current $10 price point all the way down to $5.

Learn our favorite movie trilogies of all time in our new Get To Know Your Cultist! 

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