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This week: how’s about that new Star Wars trailer! Plus, warm up the tele—Woz is getting a tech-filled reality TV show; we divulge our new favorite apps; we answer some ridiculous Qs in an all new get to know your Cultist; and finally, Steve Jobs denies Leander Kahney’s attempted handshake not once, but TWICE.  Leander recounts the tale.  We die laughing.
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This week’s links
Stephen colbert explains the new light saber 
Microsoft declares iPhone 6 most popular device of 2014
Steve Wozniak is about to become a reality TV show
Get to Know Your Cultist - ultra mega edition - tons of great Qs here
Leander’s favorite band every is Blancmange
Woz opens a hotel door with his iPhone 6, gets mean comments
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