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This week, on our maiden episode of 2015: The story of an iOS developer who gave a gift so generous, it went totally viral; Discovering new apps and podcasts on iTunes is an awful experience, but we know how to fix it; plus, how Steve Jobs contributions helped build the new Disney...
And stay tuned for an all-new CultCast 2nd Hour!  Pro photographer David Hobby shares his favorite gear for travel pics, his tips and tactics for taking great travel photos, plus his street photography advice will help you not get punched...
Thanks to for supporting this episode. Learn to run your business better, become a photoshop ninja, learn how to create music with your iPad, and so much more.  lynda now has over 4500 courses for you to choose from, and now they’re offering our listeners a 10 day free trial.  Learn all you want for free for 10 days, head on over to
We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a huge thanks for all the great music you hear in today's show.
This week’s links
Erfon on twitter/instagram - @erfon
Leander on twitter/instagram - @lkahney
Buster on twitter/instagram - @bst3r
This week's intro
iOS dev pays off his parents’ mortgage for Christmas
iPhone 6 drives App Store to new download record
Apple Pay comes to gas pumps in 2015
How Jobs helped shape the new Disney
2nd Hour Links
David Hobby on twitter: 
Learn how to light on his Strobist site: 
His favorite travel camera is the Fuji X100S:
The Fuji X100T is the newer version of the X100S:
David loves the book The Passionate Photographer:
David’s lynda catalog of courses (please use to sign up):
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