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This week: why Apple Watch will win the wrist war; we snap a pic with Patrick Stewart and he’s NOT amused; the good and bad of a Lucas-free Star Wars 7; Microsoft’s new Hololens look incredible; and we reveal some of our favorite apps and gear on an all-new Under Review.
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On the show this week
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This weeks story links
How George Lucas Star Wars 7 Ideas Were Used By Disney
Steve Jobs rolls over in his grave: the iPad Pro could have a stylus
Goodbye Glass This is your last chance to get your hands on Google’s head up display
Apple Watch wins the wrist war before it starts
Also, watch these
The Knowledge Navigator is Apple’s computer of the future
Famous pals Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan do great impressions… of each other!
Hear why Martin Sexton is an American treasure
And here’s Erfon with a wax Patrick Steward
Our Under Review Picks
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