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This week: Apple has their best quarter ever; Apple Watch is coming in April; the best parts of the new iOS and Yosemite updates; Disney considers rebooting Indiana Jones; and then catch El Kahn’s TMI moment in Facts of Life, a new game where we mix real facts with fake ones then guess which is which!
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We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a huge thanks for the great music you hear in today's show.
This weeks  links
Steve Ballmer isn’t so sure about the iPhone
Apple reduces amount of free storage needed for updates with iOS 8.1.3
Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 with Wi-Fi and Spotlight fixes
Apple shatters records with $74.6 billion in revenue, $18 billion in profit for Q1 2015
Revelations from Apple’s historic earnings call
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