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This week: Apple might be eyeing 2020 for their first car, but you can catch our most wanted features and price expectations right now.  Plus: Cupertino pay massive bonuses to poach top talent; the insane acceleration of Tesla’s new electric car; the new and notable from iOS 8.3 beta; Toyota says “no thanks” to CarPlay; and finally, your listener questions, answered!  
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Leander on twitter/instagram - @lkahney
Buster on twitter/instagram - @bst3r
Intro - It’s 1985, can Apple survive?
Happy birthday song in 3-part french horn
Watch these folks react to the insane acceleration of Tesla’s new P85D
Emojitype translates your texts into relevant emojis
Ste Smith reviews the Tesla P85+
Simon Phoenix is gonna be super happy about his new emoji icons
John Spartan doesn’t know how to use the three seashells...
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