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This week:  Apple Watch apps are hitting the store, we discuss some of the most popular ones; if you want an Apple Watch you’ll need to pre-order—we’ll tell you why and how.  Plus: we love selfie sticks; Leander's special way of “bookmarking” webpages; and Periscope!  We’ll tell you all about it and why it’s way better than Meerkat.  And stay tuned till the end for Sh*t We’re Into for the non-Apple stuff were all really loving so sweetly.
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We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a huge thanks for all the great music you hear in today's show.
This week’s links
Come gawk at our incredible Periscopes
@erfon / @bst3r / @alexeheath
Apple is officially ready to accept your Watch app 
A big ol’ list of Apple Watch apps hitting the store
Apple Watch for Sale in Retail Stores by Reservation Only, No Walk-In Sales
Shite we’re into
Leander likes this awesome Stromer ST2 electric bike
Alex thinks this Cm4 Q Card iPhone case is the hottness
Buster is loving Sufjan Stevens' Carry and Loeol album and Wale’s The Album About Nothing featuring… Jerry Seinfeld
Erfon keeps rewatching Interstellar on Bluray cause it’s one of the best SciFi movies of all time
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