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This week:  we review the new and notable features of iOS 9, and some lesser-known features you should definitely be using.  Plus: why you probably should’ve gotten the 128GB iPhone; a legit way to save 20% off your next Apple purchase; and what we love and don’t about iCloud storage.
And stay tuned for an all-new CultCast 2nd Hour.  This time:  we all love the sweeping musical scores that define our favorite movies and videos games, but have you ever wondered who creates them?  Composer Gareth Coker,  creator of the Ori and the Blind Forest score, joins us to talk about the process of creating a cinematic score from scratch,  how music and technology are more intertwined than ever, and what it’s like to work as a modern day video game and movie composer.  2nd Hour starts at the 1:07:20 mark.
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