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This week: the force is looking very strong with the new Star Wars movie; live football may be coming to the Apple TV; the tvOS app store hits a major milestone; why you shouldn't expect 3D touch in the next iPad Air; and with 2016 on the horizon, we’ll review our favorite games, gadgets, and books of 2015.  Hit play, you must!
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On the show this week
Intro - You too can wookie!
Star Wars is back: The Force Awakens is as awesome as you hoped it would be
tvOS App Store After One Month: 2,624 Apps in Total, Entertainment Apps Most Popular With Consumers
Apple expected to bid on Thursday Night Football streaming deal - buster
Apple Working on Scalable 3D Touch Technology for Future iPads and iPhones
Our favorite stuff from 2015
Buster - Lilith’s Brood
Erfon - Super Mario Maker
Leander - Amazon Echo
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