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This week on The CultCast: robot bartenders, smart coffee mugs, and the coolest of gadgets from CES 2016.  Plus, don’t miss our picks for the absolutely, positively, you-should-install-them-today, most essential Mac and iOS apps.
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On the show this week
Will Ferrel is a porn actor (and sells iPods) 
This supersized drone will fly you to work (or anywhere)
Booze bots, badass routers, high-flyin’ drones and more at CES
CES Day 3: Hoverboards, doggie ‘brain puzzles’ and beer
Chevy unveils its pure-electric Bolt
The Ember mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature
Your movements charge Ampy so Ampy can charge your iPhone
Pico let’s you make craft beer at home
Sombabar is your home's app-controller robotic bartender
Deliveries Dashboard Widget
Erfon won’t live in a world without iStat Menus
SuperDuper! back and recovery tool
Byword 2 markdown tool
Spark is Adam’s email client of choice
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