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This week: it’s official, Apple is gonna “loop us in” at their March 21 press event.  Join us as we decode the mysterious event invitation.  Plus:  some new leaks give us glimpses at the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 designs; why Apple’s new Spaceship campus is clearly home to a future post-apocalyptic battle colosseum; and we share the stuff we’re embarrassed to secretly love in an all-new Get To Know Ur Cultist.
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On the show this week
Apple’s March 21 event promises to ‘Loop you in’
iPhone 7 case hints at stereo speakers, no headphone jack
Upcoming iPhone SE may look just like an iPhone 5s
Close up with Apple’s new spaceship campus Theatre
Intro: Where are all the robots?
Erfon never chokes back the tears watching Meet Joe Black
Buster wants to hand out the Bachelor rose
This scene from Scrooged made Leander WEEP!
You need to try these.  Alone.  In your car.
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