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CultCast #225 - Burrito Beard
This week: rumors point to an iPhone 7s with drastic redesign, facial recognition, and the return to a glass front and back.  Plus: folks around the world line up for the Tesla  Model 3; Apple’s making a show about apps hosted by megastar Willie AM; why the new iPad Pro is not a notebook replacement for the masses; in a bizarre plot twist, Apple seeks FBI’s iPhone unlocking secrets; and we’ll tell you why Cadbury Eggs are the worst thing ever on an all-new Get To Know Ur Cultist.
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On the show this week
Intro: Exotic Destinations
Review Roundup: 9.7 iPad Pro is a 'Powerful' Laptop Replacement for Casual Users
FBI cracks San Bernardino iPhone without Apple’s help
Apple wants the FBI to reveal how it hacked the San Bernardino killer's iPhone
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