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This week: Apples 13-year record revenue streak is broken;  our best picture yet of iPhone 7 features; rumors point to a faster, untethered Apple Watch 2; Apple has a huge increase in R&D spending, but where’s the money going?  And stick around for more stories from the Cult of Mac.  This week: a 15-year-old mows lawns, then uses the money to build one of the world’s best Apple collections.
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Intro - Hamilton Morris loves his iPod 
8 optimistic takeaways from Apple’s slumptastic earnings call
  • R&D spending at Apple increased by $1.1 billion dollars compared to the same six month period last year, according to a new SEC filing
  • The tech giant is fighting itself here, being forced to compare this year’s numbers to the killer iPhone 6 sales that drove 2015’s overwhelming revenue
  • Apple’s tablets are doing fine, really, selling 10.3 million units this quarter. But in general, tablets are stinking up the place.
  • Apple surprised by SE demand and can’t keep up
Apple Watch made $1.5 billion more than Rolex last year
  • The Apple Watch, which celebrated its first birthday this week, is just such a product. How much of an impact did the Apple Watch make in its debut year? Enough to bring in $1.5 billion more than Rolex did in 2015.
  • While Apple has yet to make its Watch sales public knowledge, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the debut Apple wearable likely brought in around $6 billion in its first year. That’s considerably more than Rolex’s $4.5 billion in total revenue for the equivalent time frame.
  • Apple Watch also outsold the iPhone in both products’ respective first years by a margin of 2-to-1.
Apple Watch 2 Rumored to Include Cellular Connectivity Amid Push for iPhone Independency
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is working on including cellular network connectivity and a faster processor in the so-called Apple Watch 2.
  • LTE would undoubtedly require an additional data plan, on top of one they might already have for both the iPhone and iPad, benefits like using GPS, making phone calls, and streaming Apple Music without an iPhone nearby could outweigh the cons for some users. 
iPhone 7 may make bigger splash than expected
  • Apple will supposedly make its next iPhone both waterproof and dustproof
  • Digitimes claims the device will also have a new touch-sensitive home button that sits flush with the rest of the screen
  • Other features Apple is rumored to be adding include a new Smart Connecter, dual lens camera, bigger battery, wireless charging, no headphone jack, and a cleaner rear shell design with minimal antenna lines.
  • Design will be pretty much the same as the 6 and 6s.
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