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This week: is Apple is about to make massive updates across the entire Mac line?  Don’t miss our Oct. 27 Mac event predictions!  Plus: everything we know about Nintendo Switch, and why we already love it.
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On the show this week
Event predications
Macbook Pro
It’s been 528 days since its last update (average is 268), and 4 years since its last major overhaul.
We expect an:
  • OLED display bar.
  • Touch ID power button and 4 USB-C ports (with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility)
  • The MagSafe port reportedly will be scrapped.
  • Upgrade to 4K 4096 x 2160 resolution from current 2880x1800 res.
Macbook Air, Apple’s cheapest computer
It’s been 591 days since its last update (average is 350).
Overall design of the MacBook Air will likely remain the same.
The machines are expected to be updated with USB-C support, according to a new Bloomberg report.
Updated internals for sure.
Retina display is possible but may not happen since this is now Apple’s budget machine.
According to Macotakara, no more 11 inch.
Nuthin - The MacBook was updated with Intel Skylake processors and a new Rose Gold color option in April of 2016.
374 days since its last update, with an average of 317.
We haven’t heard a peep about updates.
Likely just updated internals, but possibility of larger screen with curved display.
Mac Pro
1037 days since since the Mac Pro released.  No updates since.
Average update is 449 days.
Major internal updates expected with possibly design overhaul.
Mac Mini
No rumors.
735 days since last update, average is 438.
We’re expecting internal updates, but that’s probably it.
New Cinema Display
In June of 2016 the Cinema display was officially discontinued.
There have been rumors of a new ‘Thunderbolt Display’ that will feature a 5K display and an external GPU in the display itself so under-powered Macs can still run it.
A Magic Trackpad 2 with multi-touch and Force Touch was announced on October 13, 2015 along with the Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard, so probably no updates.  It’s possible we get an updated Magic Keyboard with OLED display bar.
First Look at the Nintendo Switch
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