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This week: Happy?  Disappointed?  Downright pissed off?  Don’t miss our Hello Again Mac event reactions!  Plus: everything we know about Apple’s new MacBook Pro, and the two big omissions in Apple TV’s new TV app.
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  • The new MacBook Pro won’t ship for another 2-3 weeks, but members of the media who got their fingers on the new Touch Bar came away from Apple’s event with rave reviews.
    • Techcrunch: The Touch Bar is, in a word, neat…The strip itself is glossy. Not quite slick, but frictionless enough so as to run a finger across with little effort. It’s quick and responsive, reacting to multi-touch and the amount of pressure the user applies. It also adapts quite quickly as you toggle between different apps.”
  • Versatile - You know get Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, Display Port, and charging abilities on every port.
  • Brighter screen with better color
    • Engadget was particularly impressed by the screen on the new MacBook Pro models, calling it "stunning" when in person and "a noticeable upgrade" from the previous generation of MacBook Pros.
  • Massive new trackpad.
  • Headphone jack!
  • Upgraded GPU and processor.
  • 60hz refresh rates on 4K and 5K displays
  • Second-generation “fine tuned” butterfly mechanism keyboard.
  • Now available in Space Gray and Silver
  • Previous MacBook Pros started at $1299 (13”) and $1999 (15”).  New MBPs start at a whopping $1799 (13”) and $2399 (15”).
  • USB C only ports mean dongles for everything, including regular USB peripherals.
  • No SD card slot.
  • No HDMI out.
  • Your current iPhone cable won’t work.
  • Your Thunderbolt cables and peripherals won’t work without Apple’s new $50 adapter.
  • No Magsafe 😥
  • Dongles for literally EVERYTHING:
    • iPhone
    • AirPods
    • SD Card readers
    • Ethernet
    • Thunderbolt 2 peripherals
    • Displayport monitors
  • No other Macs announced or updated
  • AirPods delayed
  • 13" Macbook Air not updated but will continue to be sold for time being.  11” retired.
  • So long non-retina MacBook Pro.
  • Previous gen MacBook Pro with Intel graphics still for sale but at the same price.
Apple’s TV app doesn’t work with the two best streaming services
  • Apple revealed its plan to own your TV screen today with a new app called TV. The new service aims to unify your TV experience on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV by taking you straight to content, but the two best streaming services won’t be available.
  • Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix won’t participate in Apple’s new feature. 
  • Netflix confirmed "we are not participating and evaluating the opportunity”
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