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This week:
  • Apple is secretly building a TV empire
  • Google’s new AI assistant has a feature you have to see to believe
  • Financial filings show MoviePass’s time is running out
  • Our favorite lesser-known iOS and Mac apps
  • And… why do men have nipples?  We answer your most burning questions in an all-new CultCast QnA 🔥
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All the important stuff revealed at Google I/O
  • An updated version of Google Maps aims to keep you in-the-know about what’s going on around you. There’s a new tab called “For You” that’s designed to tell you about events in neighborhoods you care about.
  • You can now hold your phone up to the world in front of you and Maps will overlay walking directions that make finding your way around a new city easier.
  • A very human-sounding Google Assistant made a call on behalf of it’s owner to book a haircut, and the result was was magical as it was creepy. The most impressive thing was that the person on the receiving end of the call didn’t seem to suspect they were talking to an AI
Every single TV series Apple is currently making
  • After going on a spending spree in Hollywood the last eight months, Apple appears to be poised to make a huge push into original content.
  • Apple has 13 shows in development.
Today’s SEC filing suggests MoviePass’ time is running out
  • The future doesn’t look promising for MovePass
  • According to a recent financial filing, the company has spent an average of $21.7 million per month for the stretch between October 2017 through April 2018, but as of April 30th, MoviePass has just $15.5 million in cash
Apple ‘cash machine’ puts profits ahead of innovation
  • Apple to many seems to have lost its mojo for innovation. But it knows how to build a pile of cash.
  • This is the impression of Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, who told CNBC Wednesday:
    • “I think Apple is a productive cash machine,”  “Is it a font of innovation? Unclear, trending to probably"
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