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This week: The 2018 MacBook Pro is a beautiful machine, but it has some odd and painful flaws! Then: Quit or canned? Why is Angela Ahrendts leaving Apple? Plus: The saga of Gil Amelio, the CEO that saved Apple.

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7 Painful Truths about the 2018 MacBook Pro

Quit or canned? Why is Angela Ahrendts leaving Apple? [Opinion]

  • When Apple fires an executive, the company is rarely straightforward about the situation. Apple never puts out a press release stating plainly that the executive was canned. So Tuesday’s unexpected announcement that Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s head of retail, is leaving in April led many to suspect she was fired.
  • Most of the news stories about Ahrendts’ departure point out that it’s happening during the first-ever iPhone sales slump; The subtext is that she’s underperforming and has to go.
  • Ryan Jones, an app developer with a popular Apple-centric Twitter feed, argues that Apple fired Ahrendts. His reasons: the timing of the announcement, coded language in the press release, and a claim that she was just four months from vesting stock.
  • “Angela turned Apple Stores into a frustrating mess,” he wrote. “Service and buying are both slow and maddening.”
  • No ‘gardening leave’ for Angela Ahrendts
  • As noted by John Gruber, Vogue Business reporter Suzy Menke, who profiled Ahrendts just last week in a positive piece, quoted Ahrendts on Instagram saying the departing Apple leader misses her grown-up kids, who live in London. Ahrendts was based in the U.K. capital while CEO of Burberry and clearly misses the city

The saga of Gil Amelio: the CEO that saved Apple

  • Gil Amelio was Apple’s CEO for only 500 days, and in that time he rescued Apple from the brink of destruction.
  • February 2, 1996: With disappointing Mac sales, the disastrous “clone Mac” strategy, and a failed Sun Microsystems merger to his name, Apple CEO Michael Spindler is asked to resign by the Apple board.
  • Apple needs needs a miracle. In the last 4 years, they’ve lost over $230 million dollars.
  • They turn to resurrection artist Gil Amelio, without whose leadership, Apple would probably not exist today.

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to Android and iOS

  • Microsoft is gearing up to release a software development kit (SDK) that will allow Android and iOS developers to integrate Xbox Live features into their games.
  • The SDK will be officially confirmed by Microsoft next month, will also be available to Nintendo Switch developers.
  • Microsoft’s SDK comes after Epic Games broke boundaries with cross-platform play inside Fortnite.
  • The battle royale behemoth is the first title that allows players on all systems — including Xbox, Switch, mobile, and now even PlayStation — to play together. It also allows users to log in to a single account and sync progress between different devices.


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