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This week: some super useful new features are FINALLY coming to Apple Music and iCloud; our first impressions of Meta's $1500 "Pro" VR headset; the problem with Apple's "Find My"; and AI creates a creepy podcast episode with Steve Jobs and Joe Rogan.

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This week's stories

Roller coasters set off iPhone 14 Crash Detection

  • People are reportedly getting off roller coasters and discovering that their new iPhone 14 called 911 for them. Turns out the handsets mistook thrilling rides for a car wreck and thought their users needed emergency help. It’s an unintended result of Crash Detection, a feature added to Apple’s latest handsets.

Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs in eerie, AI-generated podcast - Lewis

  • If you want to hear Steve Jobs talk about the meaning of life, we've got a podcast for you. It's an artificial intelligence-generated conversation between the late Apple co-founder and podcasting superstar Joe Rogan.

Meta Quest Pro: A $1,500 Virtual-Reality Headset for Working in the Metaverse - Wall Street Journal (Joanna Stern)

  • Welcome to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the future of work, where we all convene in the metaverse to collaborate and be productive. Oh yes, to achieve this, we all have to have the company’s new $1,500 face computer.

Apple iCloud photo libraries will soon be viewable in Windows

  • It should soon be much easier to access your iPhone's photo collection on a Windows-based PC.

Apple Music finally launches on Xbox

  • Apple Music is now available on the Microsoft Store for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One, providing subscribers with access to the streaming music service, complete with large album art, full-screen time-synced lyrics, and more. As noted by users on Reddit, music can be played in the background while gaming.

No, Lufthansa isn’t banning AirTags from checked bags

  • German airline Lufthansa is not banning Apple’s AirTags and similar tracking tags from checked luggage, the company said Wednesday.
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