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The best new features in iOS 16.2, plus: this is unreal—alternate app stores, side loading, and A LOT more coming to iOS!

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This week's stories

Apple gears up for alternative app stores on iPhone and iPad

  • Apple has launched a major project to allow alternative app stores on iPhones and iPads by 2024. The effort is meant to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, coming fully into force then, and other possible national or regional laws that make Apple allow side loading, according to new report Tuesday.

Apple Considering Dropping Requirement for iPhone Web Browsers to Use WebKit

  • As part of a larger story about Apple's plans to allow third-party app stores on the iPhone and iPad in EU countries, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claimed that Apple is also considering removing its requirement for iPhone and iPad web browsers to use WebKit, the open source browser engine that powers Safari.

10 new iOS 16.2 features to try right away

Get way more done with full external display support in iPadOS 16.2

  • iPad users can now connect a second display and open up to four application windows on it. This at least doubles the available space to work in. Adding 27-inch screen to an 11-inch iPad is a dramatic change.

Winner’s choice! Enter to win any mophie product [Cult of Mac giveaway]

  • The giveaway this week is slightly different, as we teamed up with Zagg to give five lucky winners the opportunity to choose their own prize from the extensive lineup of mophie products.

Escape Apple TV+ subscription fees with Emancipation-themed trial offer

  • With Emancipation now streaming on Apple TV+, Apple wants to make sure Will Smith fans can watch it. So the company is offering a free two-month trial of its streaming video service. That’s much longer than the usual 7-day trial.
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