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This week: the good, the bad, the UGLY! We're talking what we like and don't about iPhone 15 and Vision Pro. Plus... a VERY special guest...

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This week's stories

Leander: Apple backs California’s Right to Repair Act

  • After years of Apple fighting and delaying the Repair bill in various US states, Apple sent Senator Sustan Talamantes Eggman a letter endorsing the Right to Repair Act in California.


Lewis: Apple’s iPhone 15 cables could be limited to sluggish data transfers

  • Reports say the USB-C port in the iPhone 15 is much faster, as we talked about last week, however, the cables that will ship with the iPhone 15 series will allegedly support only USB 2.0. If true, that will limit data transfers to a relatively poky 480 Mbit/s.


Leander: Meet an Unsung Apple Hero in this free e-book

  • Interface designer Bas Ording is one of those little-known Apple employees who has had a huge influence on our digital lives.


Lewis: Clean your filthy Apple Watch bands, people

  • Your Apple Watch band could be a breeding ground for potentially dangerous pathogens, according to a new study.
  • Scientists found that 95% of the watchbands they tested were contaminated with “bacteria of public health importance.”


Griffin: 6 useful apps hiding in your Mac

  • If you work on a Mac, these six useful apps can help you get that work done faster.


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