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This week: we got leaks! So many. We'll tell you every cool new thing coming to iPhone 13, the new iPad mini 6, Apple's VR Goggles, and the exciting new features coming to the next MacBook Pro (Magsafe! Ports! More!).

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Apple’s first VR headset could be an expensive disappointment

  • Apple’s first headset, which could launch as early as next year, will focus mostly on virtual reality experiences, Gurman warns. And despite shipping with a limited feature set, it will still be wildly expensive.

New iPhone lineup may bring smaller notch, better sensor-shift cameras

  • Apple will finally shrink iPhone’s notch for its next-generation devices, while all will pack even greater sensor-shift stabilization cameras, according to a new report citing sources in the company’s supply chain.

Touch ID could return in 2021 iPhone 13

  • A fingerprint scanner might once again be part of Apple’s iPhone line, according to a reliable source. Touch ID might appear in 2021 alongside Face ID, not in place of it.

iPad mini 6 might get the big redesign it deserves

  • Apple’s smallest tablet is allegedly about to get the redesign so many people have hoped for. The screen bezels in the 2021 iPad mini will shrink significantly, supposedly allowing the display to increase to over 9 inches and become nearly edge-to-edge.

MagSafe charger could make triumphant return to MacBook Pro this year

  • The original MagSafe charger was a fixture of MacBooks from the first MacBook Pro in 2006 through 2016. During that time, it was used on every MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. In 2016, Apple started transitioning away from the MagSafe to USB-C.
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