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Benchmarks have been pouring in for the Mac Studio with M1 Max and M1 Ultra, and while in some tests the benefits of Ultra is clear, in many it’s not performing better than the Max, and in some tests it does worse! What’s going on here?

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This week's stories

M1 Ultra Mac Studio - Benchmarks & Thermals (The TRUTH!)

Mac Studio storage is removable but Apple blocks user upgrades

  • Breaking open the new Mac Studio reveals that its solid-state storage modules are easily removable, but forget trying to upgrade them yourself. Apple has taken several steps to prevent DIY upgrades.

Win a chic crossbody iPhone case from Noémie [Cult of Mac giveaway]

  • This Cult of Mac giveaway is for the ladies! Five lucky winners will each receive a stylish Napa crossbody iPhone case from Noémie. These cases looks chic and are great for running errands or going out on the town when a bigger bag is not needed.

"The Apple Studio Display is a Bad Deal"

Apple vows to fix Studio Display’s disappointing webcam

  • Studio Display has divided early reviewers. While many praise its impressive 5K screen and built-in speakers, others find its missing features (like HDR and ProMotion) to be unfortunate.

Apple can change Studio Display stands after purchase

  • Studio Display stands and mounts can be swapped and upgraded by taking the monitor to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider. It’s not necessary to replace the whole monitor.

15-inch MacBook Air could be in development, at long last

  • A 15-inch MacBook Air is on Apple’s agenda for 2023, according to a reliable source. And the current 13-inch version could be replaced by a one with somewhat larger screen.
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