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This week: we discuss M2 MacBook Pro performance, first impressions, and reviews. Plus: the end of an era, Jony Ive leaves Apple for good.

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This week's stories

M2 MacBook Air review roundup: The fast and the beauteous

  • The M2 MacBook Air is easily the most important notebook Apple will release in 2022, and it’s a winner.

Jony Ive slips Apple’s golden handcuffs

  • Jony Ive’s 30-year partnership with Apple is over.

Proposed new emoji list shows we already have all the emoji we need

  • The collection of emoji will grow in the coming months, with the 31 proposed new entries including a shaking face, hearts in range of colors, a donkey and a jellyfish. There’s also left- and right-facing hands that will likely be used for high fives.

Win an iPad mini 6 magnetic stand from Lululook [Cult of Mac Giveaway]

  • If you own an iPad mini 6, Lululook’s magnetic stand can turn your tiny tablet into a miniature iMac. And this week, we’re teaming up with Lululook to give away five of these great stands, which retail for $80, to five lucky winners.

Hasbro will 3D-print your face onto its iconic action figures

  • Have you ever wanted to see your own face on the body of a Power Ranger or a Ghostbuster? Thanks to an ingenious partnership between Hasbro and 3D-printing specialists Formlabs, now you can.

BMW starts selling heated seat subscriptions for $18 a month

  • BMW is now selling subscriptions for heated seats in a number of countries — the latest example of the company’s adoption of microtransactions for high-end car features.
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