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This week: we've been using our iPhone 13/Pros for one week now—here are our honest reviews! Plus: iOS 15, bugs galore! We'll cover all the major iOS 15 and iPhone 13 bugs you need to know about.

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iPhone 13 Pro truly is the Goldilocks phone [Review]

  • Is there such a thing as the fabled Goldilocks phone? You know, a phone that is just right? Not too big. Not too small. Great camera and screen. Amazing battery life.

iPhone 13 component shortage lengthens wait times

  • Production of the new iPhone 13 series isn’t catching up to demand. A shortage of a critical component is keeping wait times long for many versions of the handset.

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Apple vows to fix iPhone 13 bug that breaks Unlock with Apple Watch

  • Apple has promised to fix an iPhone 13 bug that prevents owners from using Unlock with Apple Watch. In the meantime, users can disable the feature to prevent an “Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch” error from appearing.

iPhone owners suffer intermittent touch input issues under iOS 15

  • Some iPhone models are being plagued by touchscreen issues under Apple’s newest iOS 15 firmware. The problem, which seems to affect iPhone 13 owners most, causes devices to not respond to touch inputs.

iOS 15 problems continue as iPhone 13 owners report CarPlay crashes

  • The long list of problems that have surfaced in iOS 15 continues to grow as iPhone 13 owners report new issues with CarPlay. Some say they are unable to play tracks in Apple Music or third-party apps like Spotify without the system crashing completely. There are some fixes you can try, like disabling the equalizer if it’s active, that may solve the problem.

iPhone 14 Coming With “Complete Redesign” Next Year, Says Mark Gurman

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