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This week: it's all but confirmed! Three new Macs are incoming, but WHICH will they be....

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This week's stories

Apple registers 3 new Mac models ahead of rumored spring event

  • It looks like several new Macs are on the way, likely to be unveiled at an Apple event in March. Apple recently registered three machines — with the model numbers A2615, A2686 and A2681 — with the Eurasian Economic Commission.

iMac Pro with mini-LED display might launch in early summer

  • The iMac Pro might start reaching customers in early summer, according to a very reliable tipster. While some are hoping for a debut as soon as March, that’s apparently overly optimistic.

Chrome OS Flex turns 2009 MacBook into a useful computer again

  • If you have an elderly Mac that’s not up to the demands of the latest macOS version, you can turn it into a Chromebook. All you need is Chrome OS Flex, an operating system Google created for older Macs and PCs.

Would you pay $178 for Sony’s strange new earbuds?

  • Usually when headlines end in question marks, the answer is "no." With this one it's a ... maybe. These days, you've got tons of options for earbuds with active noise cancellation, wireless charging, long battery life, solid waterproofing and other features for about $75 to $150.

Forensics finally prove who wrote those mysterious Apple 1 serial numbers

  • From time to time you hear about Apple’s first computer, the Apple 1, selling to collectors at auction for big bucks. But did you know some of those surviving antiques carry an enduring mystery? For decades, no one could figure out who wrote the serial numbers on their circuit boards. Until now.
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