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With over 205,000 Instagram followers, iPhone photographer Cory aka @withhearts knows a thing or two about how to capture beautiful photos on Apple's beloved iDevice.

He joins us on this CultCast to reveil his favorite editing apps, tips, and secrets for taking amazing photos with just an iPhone.

But first, Google Glass!  Does anyone really want to wear these dorky accessories?  What practical uses could they possible have?

Also, did you know your US Internet provider is about to enforce new copyright protection rules on you?  We'll tell you all about them.

Thanks to, makers of DiskAid 6, for making this episode possible!

DiskAid 6 is the best way to transfer videos, documents, and other information on and off your iDevices with ease.  Download your voicemails, call logs, photos, videos, or anything else right to your computer—all via WiFi, all without long iTunes syncing—with the new DiskAid 6.

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