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Hallelujah, iOS has come to the car! On this week’s CultCast, we’ll tell you all we love and don’t about Apple’s new CarPlay-enabled automobiles.  

Plus: why Apple’s best years are still to come; why iOS 7.1 could drop at any moment; why new iPhones might drop every six months; and we pitch our favorite tech and apps on an all new Faves 'N Raves.

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This week's stories

Oscars Host Ellen DeGeneres Ditched Her Galaxy Note For An iPhone 

Apple To Finally Discontinue The Non-Retina MacBook Pro This Year [Rumor]

Apple CFO Joins Goldman Sachs Board of Directors

Apple Poaches HTC Engineers To Speed Up Product Development

iOS 7.1 Rumored To Launch By Next Week

CarPlay: iOS Comes to the Car (discussion)

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