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This week: more rumored details of the 12-inch "iPad Pro”; 755 more Emojis coming soon to your iDevices; with Christian Bale out, we make our list of the actors that definitely *shouldn’t* replace him in the Sorkin-penned Jobs movie; and finally… nude or not?  Do you keep your iDevices bare or covered up in a case?  We ponder the pros and cons and ask the question: why are so many iPhone and iPad cases horrid pieces of garbage? We’ll pitch some of our faves, too.
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Links to today's stories, aka, reading material for your toilet time
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CurrentC’s Apple Pay ban to expire in ‘months, not years’ - alex
12.2-inch iPad Pro could be thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus - alex
Christian Bale bails on Steve Jobs movie - buster
Michael Fassbender in talks to play Steve Jobs after Christian Bale bails - alex
Amazon Prime’s an even greater deal with unlimited photo storage
Your keyboard is about to get 755 new racially diverse emojis - booster
Apple Watch Pricing to Reportedly Start at $500 for Stainless Steel, $4,000 for Gold
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